What is Orthodontics ?

img 1It is more than just straightening teeth.

Orthodontics is about how you grow facially, how this functions and how good you look.  Your smile is with you for life. It not only enhances your health and appearance, it also adds self-esteem and confidence. Orthodontics is a smart investment in your dental, physical and emotional health

We use the traditional metal or ceramic braces. Most treatment times vary from eighteen months to two years.  You even get to choose a different colour for your metal braces at each monthly adjustment visit.  img 2

Newer treatments like Invisible braces are also available, Invisalign,www.invisalign.com.au/ is now gaining popularity with both teenagers and adults.

img 3Invisalign is a treatment involving straightening teeth using sequential aligners. These aligners look like plastic trays that are removable and are to be worn at least twenty two hours in a day. Adjustment visits are every two weeks.
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Please discuss your condition with the dentist for the best available treatment and options. Picture

Invisalign is it for me?

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